MODEL AC400 - AC520

MODEL AC400 - AC520 - AC800Circular knives are used in many different industrial sectors: paper industry, textile industry, rubber industry, agro-foodstuff sector and many other applications.
By using the UT.MA AC400/AC520, the grinding operator exits the traditional sharpening circuit of wood and metal cutting tools and has the possibility to increase its customer base by offering them excellent grinding quality. Our grinder models for circular chamfered blades can be used to sharpen HM or HSS circular blades.

They are different from one another due to the maximum diameter that can be sharpened. The main characteristic of our product is given by the 2 types of grinding offered by the machine:
1) sharpening with cup grinding wheel that is constantly in contact with the rotating knife
2) Sharpening with tangential grinding wheel, moving back and forth on the bevel of the rotating knife.
This technology is especially appreciated in some sectors that require the knife to have a lapped surface. The AC400 and AC520 can be equipped with the following accessories:
- Extraction system (centrifugal or electrostatic)
- Oil filtration system